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A Conversation with Mr. Mother Well

By Victoria Wilson CD(DONA) | June 4, 2024

This show was a treat to record, and I hope it’ll be a treat to hear! In today’s episode, my husband joins me on the podcast. Affectionally known as ‘Mr. Mother Well’ in my community, my husband has supported my business before it even began! We talk about his experience as being the partner of…

A Conversation with my Doula Client: Amanda Hamilton

By Victoria Wilson CD(DONA) | May 28, 2024

We continue the view of birth in my backyard! This client’s experience is wildly different from our last guest. Amanda Hamilton is the mother of two and an accomplished social worker. I was honored to be her doula for the birth of her second son: a planned-for VBAC that turned emergency C-section. Amanda generously shares…

A Conversation with my Doula Client: Jessie Jones

By Victoria Wilson CD(DONA) | May 28, 2024

Get a view of birth in my backyard! I thought it would be wonderful to speak to some of my real-life clients (with their permission, of course!) about their experience having a doula. Jessie Jones is drama and English teacher and I’ve been her doula twice! First, through the pregnancy and birth of her firstborn…

A Conversation with Dr. Amy Gilliland

By Victoria Wilson CD(DONA) | April 24, 2024

We continue our series of conversations with birth workers who have made a mark in our field. Today’s guest is Dr. Amy Gilliland! We have a wide-ranging and thought-provoking conversation about how doulas relate to each other, a doula’s scope, the medical system, and more! Dr. Gilliland is an independent PhD researcher and educator. She…

Welcome to Doula Well Podcast Season 3 + An Announcement

By Victoria Wilson CD(DONA) | April 15, 2024

Doula Well Podcast Season 3 has dropped! I’m shaking a few things up and the theme of this season is simply ‘Conversations’. The next 10 episodes or so of the podcast will simply focus on talking to movers and shakers I want to hear from! (While I’m at it, I’ll have a more chill episode…


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Hi! I'm Victoria - your Podcast Host!

I am a DONA International certified birth doula and have been attending births since 2016.

My doula philosophy is:

"I believe the best doulas are students of human nature and intuitive to the needs of others. My goal as a doula is to ensure everyone on your birth team is supportive and united around your agenda and needs for birth. I am focused on your physical and emotional wellness, the physiologic needs of your labor, your dignity and respect. I find success in forging relationships between all members of the birth team in order to center care around my clients in a collaborative way. As a birth doula, I believe in my responsibility to give you the factual information I have acquired about birth and maternity care practices in our local context. I will speak with truth, honesty, and compassion as I strive to offer gracious and nuanced perspectives."

I am married to an incredibly supportive husband and mom to four (yes, FOUR!) delightful daughters. Professionally, I am interested in seeing maternity care options improve my local community. I believe in the power of fostering relationships to positively impact the birth care team. You can find me enjoying homemade lattes and attempting DIY projects in my Berea home.

To learn more about my path to becoming a doula, click here!

-victoria wilson, cd (dona)
DONA International Certified Birth Doula

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