Birth is a process.

Doulas are here to help.

The Mother Well provides education, training, and support to parents and birth workers.

Which are you?

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Looking for birth options in the bluegrass?

Pregnant? Live in Central Kentucky? Where should you have your baby?

Wonder no more... now you can have facts to make the most informed decision!

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Becoming a mother is life-changing.

Whether this is your first baby or another addition to your family, your world is changing.

We believe families need support as you navigate pregnancy, birth, and post-partum.

At Mother Well Doula, we work to help you develop the skills you need to confidently navigate your experience.

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Books and tools we use with all of our clients

We've worked up a list of our favorite tools, resources, and books on pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

We want you to have carefully curated knowledge at your fingertips!

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Hospital birth bag packing list - from a certified doula!

Wondering what to bring to your hospital birth? Nobody wants to underpack - or overpack, for that matter!

We've got some expert hospital bag packing tips for you!

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Tricks to help relieve labor pressure

Pressure is one of the sensations we most feel in labor and delivery. These labor positions will help to relieve that pressure and get you in the zone!